Join your fellow furs for an awesome day of amusement park fun! With park tickets available exclusively to AWU 2023 attendees for a discounted price of $74.97 including tax (normally $103.83), the thrills kick off the day before the convention on July 13, 2023!

What's at the park?

Lagoon includes many roller coasters, among which are the renowned "Cannibal"- featuring the steepest outdoor drop in North America at 116°, "Wicked", with a magnetically-propelled vertical launch, and the unsurprisingly named "Roller Coaster", an old-fashioned wooden coaster which originally opened in 1921. Additionally, you'll find countless thrill rides, a full-size water park with high-speed body and tube slides, arcades, midway games, a sky swing + catapult, and of course, plenty of milder rides for those not wanting to lose their lunch. Don't take our word for it, though; check them out at lagoonpark.com!


Costumes (fursuits included) of any kind are not permitted by the park. Anthro Weekend Utah has no affiliation with Lagoon. By attending, you will be subject to all the rules, regulations, and liabilities of Lagoon Amusement Park and its representatives. If you have questions regarding conduct, admissions, minors, or other issues, you can find information on Lagoon's website at lagoonpark.com.

Want In?

Great! To purchase your ticket, be sure to check the box for the Lagoon trip when registering for the convention. If you've already registered and have decided you'd like to come along, find the email you received when you registered and click the link inside to edit your registration options.