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—AlbinoTopaz, or Tayerr, is an artist who finds a hobby in costuming and Tayerr / AlbinoTopazfursuit making.
She is an active dancer within the furry community, and has partaken in dance competitions since 2012, even winning at Anthrocon 2014!


See some of her works on Youtube!
Also find her on Twitter!




Panels & Events

Interested in running a panel? Have knowledge you’d like to share? Maybe you just want to host a meet n’ greet, or
entertain fellow con-goers and guests? Sign up here!
We are accepting applications from skilled and knowledgeable panelists that are interested in teaching or running a panel. We are highly dependent on participation from the community to create a fun and engaging environment for our attendees. Even if it’s just an idea, put yourself in to reserve a slot!

Apply Here



  • Panel Check-in: You will be required to check in with the Panel head the day of your event, as they are responsible for making sure you’re there and starting/ending on time.
  • Want to run a workshop but can’t afford to give away supplies? You are allowed to charge for the cost of supplies, but please keep it under $10 to keep interest high in your event. You are not allowed to charge for attendance to the panel.
  • Any special needs or room requirements? That’s fine, just note it in the special requirements part of the application and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • Will 18+ panels be allowed? Yes, you can request to have an 18+ panel. We will most likely give these panels the later evening slots. There will be a few restrictions on these panels but we are going to do our best to say ok to everything. For example, if someone wanted to run an 18+ “Cards Against Humanity” panel, that would be amazing, but we probably wouldn’t be able to say yes to an event titled “How to Project an Astral Orgasm.” They do need to be tasteful, as per our hotel requirements.
  • What is a Meet n’ Greet? A meet n’ greet is just an excuse for a bunch of like-minded people to get together and talk, and hopefully make new friends! These are pretty easy to run, you just gotta be there and initiate the event. Some ideas for meet n’ greets could be: A Snow Leopard meet-up, a Harry Potter get-together, First Responders, and even Poke’ Furs.
  • Will I be required to register for AWU to host a panel? Yes, you will need to have at least basic registration.