Anthro Weekend Utah 2022 is pleased to introduce this year's Guests of Honor:

Titus Weiss


Titus Weiss is a self-taught freelance illustrator who picked up drawing soon after he discovered the anthro community in 2014. His original drawings and paintings focus primarily on historical-fantasy themed anthro artwork and comics, but he splits his time between that and commissioned artwork. Recently, most of this artwork is created while he is live streaming online and chatting with his viewers. Outside of creating artwork, Titus has widely varied interests. These include gaming, building computers, learning, and watching sports.



Weremagnus is an artist by day, a dragon by night, and has been participating in the furry fandom for 20 years. During that time she has studied Visual Communication & Design, and is a working concept artist of over 7 years in the video game industry. Weremagnus loves corgis, Digimon, yokai and World of Warcraft. She is an advocate for bat conservation and plays annually in the Extra Life video-game marathon in support of Children's Miracle Network hospitals.

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