Vant is a professional animator and educator in the LA area with an itch to draw furries. He focuses on 2D, 3D and hybrid animation pieces and loves bringing fluffy critters to life! He and his partner Ribbon made an animated short in college called 'Brush: A Fox Tale', which can be found on YouTube. Vant's professional work includes VR projects for Warner Brothers, previs at Marvel and most recently Dreamworks. When he's not animating you can find him cooking or taking care of their two bunnies.



Ribbontini, or Ribbon for short, is a professional animator living in LA with her partner Vulpesvant and their two bunnies. She has been doodling cute critters for as long as she can remember! In addition to art, she also comes from a theatre background and aspires to animate on a musical features some day; that's the dream! Back in college, she and Vant made a short film called 'Brush: A Fox Tale', which went on to be screened at various film festivals and can also be found on YouTube. Her more recent work includes a kids' show for Netflix as well as various projection shows featured all over the world.

Nicholas Kole


Nicholas Kole is an Illustrator and Character Designer with 12+ years experience working across Video Games, TV Animation, Publishing, Toys, and Movies for clients including Disney, Dreamworks, Netflix, Blizzard/Activision, Hasbro, Mattel, Penguin Random House and Riot Games. You might recognize his work particularly from the character designs of the recent Spyro Reignited Trilogy as well as Crash Bandicoot 4. He has a passion for world-building and storytelling through design- whimsical color, bold shape language, and deep personality pervade his designs & illustrations. In the last 5 years he has been streaming, giving workshops, lectures, and mentorships that have increased his passion for teaching & giving back to the art community. He works exclusively in Procreate on the iPad Pro from his home in Vancouver, Canada.

Featured Artists


Hazel is an animation graduate and epic gamer who loves to draw any weird thing that comes to mind. Hobbies include Pokémon catching, binge-watching, and just seeing her cats do cat things (Pictures available upon request.)


Arin Huntsman (also known as soyyemilk!) is an artist based in Idaho, specializing in furry art and freelance work. They own and operate their own little business, whether that’s working with clients one on one for unique furry commissions, or running their etsy shop with all different kinds of merchandise they’ve designed. You may have even seen soyyemilk vending at a few furry cons, which they’ve begun doing just a couple years ago! Their work can be seen as cute little things such as pins, stickers, prints, and more!

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