Dealer’s Den

Vendor applications are now open!

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Here’s just a few of the talented artists and vendors attending the con…

How Bout Meow

Websites: Twitter | Trello
How Bout Meow is run by an adorable gryphon from Colorado, orphaned by RMFC. Specializing in all things toony and cute, from badges to ref sheets and everything in between.

Foxene Art

Website: FurAffinity
Just the artsy Mama Fox!

Aww, Feathers! Comic

Website: Aww, Feathers!
Aww, Feathers! is a family friendly, anthropomorphic, slice-of-life webcomic series that takes place in Utah Valley. It follows the experiences of a unique and diverse cast of characters (lizards, birds, dogs, and even dolphins). Because fur, scales, fins, or feathers, everyone has a story!

Victory Dance Creative Works

Website: DeviantArt
Victory Dance (also known as Christina, Chilter and Mom) is an Ohio born painter and digital artist who specializes in the fluffy and sparkly-eyed. She enjoys animation, taking naps, and long walks off of short piers.

Ridgefox Art

Website: FurAffinity
Ridgefox is a local character designer and comic artist. She’s been a member of the Furry fandom for several years but this is her first official convention. She will be open for sketch commissions while the dealer’s den is open. Please stop by and say hi!

Tica the Sloth and Springdragon

Websites: Tica’s FA | Springdragon’s FA
Hi, my name is Tica, and I’m a two-fingered sloth from Colorado! I really like drawing ferals and making things sparkly (but I love anthros, too!!). Watercolors are my favorite medium, but I do a little bit of everything, including digital! I am excited for the chance to draw things for you! 😀
Springdragon: Another displaced Colorado artist at your service. I specialize in classical style painting with fantasy type subjects, but I also enjoy smearing glitter on things. Please stop by the table; I would be honored to meet you.

TaiChiKitty Art

Website: Tumblr


Websites: FurAffinity | | Twitter | deviantArt | Youtube
Tsebresos is a local Utah artist specializing in anthropomorphic artwork and fursuit making since 2011. In addition to normal commission work, she also casts and sells custom fursuit parts on her Etsy store.

My Sapphire Styles

I have been making jewelry and sculptures for years now. I started making jewelry when my dad was undergoing cancer treatments so I could sell it and help pay for the medical bills. I have always enjoyed making functional, and beautiful art that others will love and appreciate.


Websites: Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram
Gwen specializes in sassy stylized anthros and animals, traditional media, and fursuit crafting!

Unfurgettable Apparel

Creators of high quality t-shirts and underwear for furries.


We make cute little chibi badges! We will bw offering a limited amount of fursona badge commissions, so come by!

Canis Ovis Arts

Website: Instagram
Canis Ovis is a Salt Lake local illustrator and character designer that loves animals. Their art is mostly inspired by nature, monsters, and vulture culture.

Thay Rustback

Websites: FurAffinity | Twitter
Thay Rustback is a illustrator who focuses on wildlife and anthropomorphic subjects. She will be offering commission slots, wristbands, lanyards, prints, stickers, magnets and more!


Website: FurAffinity
I have been in fandom since 1998, which makes me…old. But I haven’t lost my artistic touch, nor my love of anthro artwork. Stop by for commissions, badges, prints, magnets and more.

Opening Hours:

Friday: 12pm-6pm
Saturday: 11am-6pm