We're excited to welcome many wonderful artists to the AWU 2021 Dealer's Den! Check them out below!

(Interested in being a dealer at AWU 2021? Applications are closed, but please join our waitlist!)

Alexx's Robo Fluff
Alexx is a lively robot fox that’s excited to see everyone at AWU! Alexx’s Robo Fluff provides assorted fursuit parts and lively conversation. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

Art by Jackasplat
Howdy, I'm Jackasplat! I draw cute animal people. Looking for a take home sketch, a sweet con badge, or some rad stickers? Then I've got you covered!

Avio Publishing, LLC
IA Mullin is a Colorado author. She attended Colorado State University and Front Range Community College, obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and her associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology. She loves working with all kinds of animals, especially birds. She also enjoys crochet, needle work, camping, and bird watching. She had started her first manuscript as a freshman in high school, but had only written as a hobby until 2010 when she left the veterinary field to raise her family. She chose to devote her life to her writing ambitions. She founded Avio Publishing and published her anthropomorphic series Redsands. She is excited to continue writing and publishing so that others may enjoy her fantastic worlds.

Beast Horizon
An engineer turned fursuit maker with an affinity for biomimicry, obscure tech, and 3D printing. We are excited to bring your character to life!

Beastmode Fursuits
We make custom kigus, fursuits, art, soap, and embroidery work.

Burning Bee Illustration, LLC
Burning Bee Illustration is the work of Kristen Bernabe, she loves to paint weird animals, baked goods and tea.

Cass Doodles
Practiced character designer, amateur cartoonist, comic book artist, and fine art student. Cass lives and works in the world of fantasy, bringing RPG characters and other avatars to life using traditional media, digital painting, and the storytelling medium of comics.

A team of two artists with the love of drawing and creating merch all types from fanart to adorable creatures! Please check us out if you're interested in fanart merch including enamel pins, stickers, prints, buttons and charms!

Coyote Clockwork Studios
Coyote Clockwork Studio specializes in foil prints with animal and nature elements, as well as self-published fantasy novels with full-color illustrations! Dinosaurs and horses are the two biggest passions on display. Drop by and take a look at some shiny prints!"

Daisysun Doodles
Hi, I'm Daisy. I make all sorts of artworks and crafts with many different uses. From traditional/digital art, to home decor, to fursuit accessories. I have a wide range of things available. Please stop by and say hi, I promise this snow serval doesn't bite!

Ease and Friends

Website 1|Website 2|Fur Affinity|Twitter
Dutchie living in Oregon! Dogs are my passion and have been in the furry fandom since 2008 :)

Faux Paws Socks LLC
Faux Paws Socks is celebrating the completion of their recent Kickstarter with 20 new paw sock designs, featuring 9 based on the gods of mythology, and four chosen by high-tier backers!

Twitter|Instagram|Fur Affinity
If you want fan art of your favorite characters or art of your fursona I'm the girl for you!

Foxene Art
Instagram|Instagram|Fur Affinity
Just a tattoo covered Fox who does everything from traditional commissions, digital illustration, and tattoos. Bringing furry art to the world

grayREALM Studio
Hello, my name is Gray. I’m the owner of grayREALM Studio, a sole proprietor business, specializing in custom art, design, costumes, and more. I take great pride in my work, and strive to produce an excellent quality product. Whether it be a simple sketch drawing, to a full body mascot costume, I believe that a high quality product speaks for itself in the marketplace.
I am primarily a traditional artist with a preference for watercolor, charcoal, acrylics, and simple pencil to paper work; however, I’m no stranger to digital media as well. My preferred topics to work on are subjects of myth and fantasy, character art, and nature.
Though I of course welcome all species, my favorite fursuit designs to work with are unique, one of a kind creatures, lesser known species, and hybrids.

Happyfox Creations
Website|Instagram|Amino App
Hello! I'm Happy, and I do everything! Need a cute sketch of an original character? I'm there! A beautiful painting? You got it! A fursuit? Oh yes, I do that too! Stop on by and check out a little bit of everything. I'll be Happy to see ya!

Jay Lark Studios
Hiya! I'm Lark, a creator of digital artwork and stories including the all-ages furry webcomic Aww, Feathers! I have furry comic books, art commissions, stickers, art prints and original artwork available, so drop on by!

Kaiju Jungle
Website|Twitter|Instagram|Fur Affinity
I'm Car! I love drawing monsters and fan art of video games, movies, comics and anime.

I am cosplayer from Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been an artist since a young age and I’m always trying to grow the breadth and depth of my skills. I went to school for 3D art and animation where I began constructing costumes starting with a cougar mascot for my school’s juggling club. Since then I have expanded my repertoire by creating fursuits and cosplays.
In recent years my focus has been on creating creature cosplay projects with a focus on hiding the human form. I want to share my skills with the world so that there will be more creature costumes running around. I believe that cosplay is the most fun when you can embrace your inner beast and play the part to become the creature you are trying to portray."

KL Plushies/=ROB.=
A table shared between two different artists, one on paper another on needle. Come get your most huggable plushy ever! We sell a wide variety of plushies featuring characters from MLP:FiM, Pokemon & Digimon.

Liz Coshow
Website|Twitter|Fur Affinity
Hello! My name is Beleoci, I'm a Pacific Northwest/Portland area furry artist. For a little bit about me, I'm a fulltime artist new on the scene, but I've been inspired by the amazing works I've seen across this incredibly talented group of people, and been touched by the kindness I've already found here.

Luna Starbright Illustrations
Howdy! Looking for something fun to bring home and show to your friends? Love cute, creepy, and low-brow art? Here's your chance to snag a prize! From stickers, pins, apparel, and more, you're bound to find something you love at Luna's.

Nightsky Studios
I’m Zena Nightsky, a freelance artist, suit and plushie maker and author located in Utah. I enjoy making quality products for people and spending time within the furry fandom. I have been drawing and making suits for many years now and enjoy doing it professionally.

Pach Paints
A Utah native artist who really enjoys painting some critters!

Pawstar is a cosplay/furry manufacturer from Racine,Wi. We have proudly been surving up head to toe anthro gear to the community for 17 years. We are well known for our Rainbow O Fur booth at many conventions!

Local furry artist Portzebie has been making cute animal pinups for over 10 years! Come check out his unique work including shirts, stickers, commissions and pins!

Ritz Bitz
Website|Twitter|Fur Affinity
Ritz is a full-time artist and fursuit maker. She specializes in traditional art and conbadges, as well as fursuits and fursuit parts.

Rowan North's Illustrations
Rowan North is a freelance mixed media illustrator and freelance art educator. Whether it's art dolls, jewelry, or paintings made of gemstones, bones, and butterfly wings, Rowan works on bringing her unique visions into reality in unconventional ways.

Shilly Shally
Come walk on the wild side with Shilly Shally's animal and monster-themed merch! Commissions, prints, pins, stickers, and charms!

Spoon of Sugar
Spoon of Sugar!! Sweet spoon_030 here to sweeten up your convention with custom art, kigus, costumes, and MORE!

Twitter|Fur Affinity
Classical style fantasy art returning for the third year in a row with bonus sparkles! Please stop by the table to say hi.

Spud Studios
Making unique fursuits, parts and accessories. Striving to experiment with new ideas and novel concepts.

Spunky Stuff!
Spunky Stuff! is ran by artist Spunky Racoon that specializes in cute/tropical/punk/street aesthetic. Come on by to pick up some cool Spunky Stuff like stickers, guitar picks, rad buttons & much more!

Star Fursuits
Star Fursuits is a Utah Fursuit Maker, bringing you high-quality tails, fursuit partials, bandanas, fursuit products, and so much more. We believe everyone should have a fursuit they love without breaking the bank. Live demonstrations throughout, so come check us out!

Straylight Studio
Straylight Studio is a Colorado based company. We specialize in comfy fleece wear from hats and hoods to kiguruims and hoodies! We also provide other textile wearables and works such as bandanas, collars, and plushies.

Studio Kaiwe
Hi, I'm Kaiwe! A professional napper and video-game connoisseur, I enjoy spending my days relaxing, gaming, and making things out of sharp stuff! I've been stained glass artist on and off since 2015, but I'm on a quest to hone my craft! Stop by for smiles, strange looks, and probably a new friend!

Tsebresos, also known as Tes, is an animal enthusiast with a passion for depicting them in a variety of art forms. She has a degree in animation and uses those skills to bring life to characters in her drawings and costume making.

Velleity Studios
Velleity Studios is a local Utah comic book and game publisher. Anthro titles include Kermann, Banana Panic!, And Toon Hunter! Amumni of each AWU convention!

Wild Dream Creatures LLC
Paws, tails, sprays, fans, and more! You dream it, we make it!

Witty Critters
I create cute creatures of all kinds! Prints, badges, stickers, keychains, shirts, you name it.

Zeppelin Press
Velleity Studios is a local Utah comic book and game publisher. Anthro titles include Kermann, Banana Panic!, And Toon Hunter! Amumni of each AWU convention!


How do dealers' signups work?


Slots are given on a first-come, first-served basis, but each application must be reviewed and approved before a dealer is confirmed.


Is there a wait list?


Yes. The wait list becomes available as soon as all first-come slots have been filled, which has historically been within hours of den application opening.


What if I want a higher registration tier as a dealer?


Higher tiers will be available on the dealer form, or you will receive an equivalent discount if you have already registered.


What if I have an assistant?


Additional registrations for the convention can be added to your dealer registration; anyone inside convention space is required to have a convention badge.


How much do tables cost?


A single table for AWU 2021 is US $120, and a double is US $170.


How big are the tables?


All tables are eight feet long and two feet deep.


Do dealers need to register separately for the convention?


No; one basic convention registration is included in the price of your table.


How much are WiFi, power, and parking?


Free, free and free. $0.00. 'Bout free-fitty. Nada.