Dance Competition

Dance Competition

Ready to strut your stuff at the first ever Anthro Weekend Utah Dance Competition? Sign up and get all the information you need here!

To be registered in the dance competition: Sign up and submit your music. Submissions must be received by October 26th!!!

Here’s the information we will need:

  • You (or your group) name,
  • email,
  • phone number,
  • and your music!

We will have everything else assembled and ready for you, you’ll just check in at the dance competition preliminaries. Make sure you read the rules and get ready!

Sign Up Here


Here’s How it’ll Go Down/Schedule

Preliminaries: you’ll check in between 1pm to 1:45pm on Friday, October 27th for the competition. We’ll get started at 2pm. You’ll perform for a panel of judges, to move on to the finals on Saturday. Results will be posted shortly after the prelims.

Finals: October 28th at 2pm. The best of the best will perform for a live audience at the convention! You’ll win a prize, bragging rights, and the respect of your fellow furs!



  • You gotta be in fursuit. This is a fursuit dance competition after all! Partials and full suits are allowed, all bare skin must be covered. At the minimum, make sure you have a head, tail, and foot and hand paws. Puffy shoes or costume shoes are allowed.
  • You must have music for your routine, submitted along with your entry in advance of the competition. We will not be able to accept submissions day of the dance competition
  • Music must be at least 1:30 seconds long, and no longer than 2:15 for solo acts. Group admissions are allowed add an additional 30 seconds to the routine for each additional member, up to 3:15.
  • Lyrics must be clean, you’ll have furs of all ages watching!
  • Sign up for either Novice or Veteran during registration. You should consider competing in the Veteran category if you’ve placed in a dance competition already, or you’ve survived preliminary competition cuts before. Additionally, the judges may move you from novice to veteran should they feel the need. Otherwise, consider signing up in Novice!
  • Based on the number of competitors and on their scores, Novice and Veteran may be combined for the finals.
  • For group acts, please register based on the most skilled member, or the category that most of the dancers fall into.
  • You can sign up for a maximum of one solo routine and one group routine if you choose.
  • What you perform in the preliminaries must be what you perform in the finals!
  • Music should be at least 256kbps for quality, and already cut to length. If they go longer than the time limit, the music will be gracefully faded out. We encourage personal cuts and/or remixes.
  • Have FUN! This competition is to celebrate YOU and your skill! Dance like no one is watching, be your regular furry self out there and support your fellow dancers. Remember, we’re all in this together so don’t get discouraged, just do your best!


Judging Criteria

  • Stage Presence/Performance: It’s all about presence, how you take up the stage and move about the space. How you command the audience and especially how involved people feel when watching you. This can make or break a performance, and doesn’t necessarily relate to skill level.
  • Musicality: Knowing your music and being on beat with it. Making sure your moves meet the music.
  • Pacing: How you place your moves throughout the song. Don’t put all your difficult moves right at the beginning and then do just basic stuff waiting for the song to finish.
  • Tempo: Do you dance at the same speed or do you change it up throughout the song.
  • Flow: How your moves flow into each other and connect with the song as a whole.
  • Variety: Mixing everything up is important, you’ll be judged on the difference in the routine and how you make use of the time you have.
  • Use of Space: This involves not just moving around the stage but whether you change your levels throughout the dance. Consider y-axis as well as x-axis, which can involve standing, leaping crouching, rolling, gliding and any number of other movements.
  • Technicality: The complexity of your moves and what type of skill you bring to the stage.

The judges will use all of these criteria to decide on the winner. In a fursuit dance competition the first place doesn’t necessarily go to the most skilled or technical person- the most emphasis is placed on your performance and how you capture your character on stage.