Anthro Weekend Utah is pleased to work with Wild Wonders as a convention charity. Based in Utah, Wild Wonders is a state and federally licensed and insured, 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue and education facility. They provide a home for injured, displaced, non-releasable, and geriatric animals. These animals have become ambassadors to help educate people about the wonders of the animal kingdom.


Some of the current animals under the care of Wild Wonders include foxes, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, ringtails, parrots, rabbits, kinkajous, hedgehogs, iguanas, emus, tortoises, chinchillas, pigs and more; their current facility houses over 60 animals and 25 different species.

You will have a unique opportunity at AWU to meet some of these ambassadors and contribute to their well-being! Our donations to Wild Wonders will be used for further improvement of enrichment, enclosures, landscaping, buildings, walkways, day-to-day operations, or anything else which will help contribute to making the best possible environment for the animals' care.

Wild Wonders is dedicated to caring for and nurturing these special animals as well as sharing their unique stories. Some have come because they were injured or orphaned and can't be re-introduced back into the wild. Others have come because they were a family pet that needed a new home.

Occasionally, Wild Wonders receives animals that have lived at zoos or other facilities and they can no longer be kept. Regardless of origin story, each animal has its own personality, funny traits, and special adaptations that make it unique.

Most of these animals will end up living the remainder of their lives at Wild Wonders, though some may only stay for a season. Regardless of the length of stay, these animals have the opportunity to touch and affect people's lives in a way nothing else can.

The staff at Wild Wonders is completely unpaid, and its members are dedicated to providing the best care, nutrition, attention, and positive training for each and every animal. Their mission is made possible through the incredible support of staff, volunteers, and interns, as well as generous donations from people like you.

We always look forward to supporting Wild Wonders and seeing the incredible things we can accomplish together for these animals. Look for their booth at the convention, and be sure to give them a big fuzzy hello!