Anthro Weekend Utah is Utah's one and only furry convention, taking place July 19-21, 2024. AWU is a non-profit organization with a goal of bringing all ages of the community and furry fandom together. As the convention enters its sixth year, AWU looks forward to bringing you another weekend of furry fun!



Arc, named after Arches National Park, is a mischievous coyote with a bit of a pyromania problem. He’s a representation of the blistering hot desert summers that those in Utah are all too familiar with. But with summer comes rock climbing, hiking the slot canyons, and the gorgeous vistas of Utah’s national and state parks.


Carver is a more reasonable, calm bear who represents (and prefers) Utah's snowy peaks. A winter sports fanatic, you can count on her hitting the fresh powder at one of Utah’s many ski and snowboard resorts.



Giga, our chairperson and co-manager, is a fox, but also sometimes a hyena. They went to their first furry convention in 2015, and soon after had the audacity to give it a try themself. Since then they've been a part of the community and have worked hard with friends and committee members to bring AWU to life. In their free time, they draw, make fursuits for friends and themself, and are currently going to school to hopefully make more video games than they play (which is a lot).


JoJo is our other co-manager, hotel liason, financial planner, and sole wolf of AWU. He is a passionate, talented videographer, and has had experience organizing major events. JoJo offically joined the fandom just a few years ago, meeting some amazing people (including his wife, CinaDaTiger). JoJo hopes that the fandom will love attending AWU each year, because "Normal life sucks!"


Xhara has participated in theatre and conventions for years, and has jumped into the furry fandom. An experienced writer and performer, Charcoal has a B.F.A. in Theatre. She brings her talents into play in scheduling and policy writing, which includes organizing the panels and events, finances, and assisting with volunteers.


Talon is our resident dragon and IT overlord. He runs our website, registration systems, and keeps all the con tech working! In his spare time he can be found spending time with friends, flying down mountain trails, or tinkering with one of the many projects in his hoard. He also helps translate AWU into a more dragon-friendly language (RAWR).


Snowfall is AWU's very own pine marten and A/V Director. When he's not building showfiles for the convention's main stage he can be found writing music, advancing his maker skills, and pursuing his dream of touring internationally as a concert lighting designer.

Hunter Snowmew

Hunter is a snow leopard with a penchant for purring. He helps with event logistics as well as our charity!


Cina is our volunteer lead and has experience with organizing from her work as a teacher. She is fun, kind, and easy to get to know.


Half of the duo that came up with the name and original logo, Bexis is a fox with beautiful and majestic purple eyes. He does the best cartwheels, and has the dankest beats. Bexis acts as photography liaison and assists with various A/V and dance competition needs.


Milo brings his experience working with a fursuit studio to care for our dealers, ensuring they have all they need to be comfortable and have fun!


Toby the kitsune loves all things game! He helps with AV needs and designing the theme games.