The lights dim... The crowd awaits.. This is... LollawpAWUza.

Welcome to AWU's premiere music festival, a place for bands and performing groups to take the stage and perform live!

Applications are now open on MyAWU!

General Information

  • If accepted to play, you will be given 45 minutes in which to perform.
  • Changeover times will be 15 minutes. It is suggested that you have everything put together and ready to go backstage before your set. Additional time taken for soundcheck and setup will be deducted from your 45 minute performance time.
  • Solo acts will receive a check for $100.00 USD upon successful completion of a set. Groups with 2+ performers will receive $200.00 USD.
  • Successful completion of a set includes the following criteria:
    • The set adhered to AWU’s General 24/7 “PG” convention rating. (ie. excessive colorful language, overtly sexual content, etc.)
    • The performers showed professional conduct throughout the set. This doesn't mean you're not allowed to have fun- Just be kind to your fellow DJs, attendees, and the convention A/V crew!
    • All performers onstage were active and participated in the set.
    • Changes or equipment needs were clearly communicated to the AWU A/V crew prior to the set and not last-minute.
    • The set occupied the entirety of the 45 minute slot.
  • Performers will only receive perks once for the entire weekend.
  • As part of the application, you will be required to submit a brief (20-60 minute) demo. This demo can be submitted via any channel as long as we can listen to it (Mixcloud, Soundcloud, YouTube video of performance, mp3 or mp4 in a Google Drive, etc.)
  • An additional application requirement will be a description of your stage setup and inputs. If you have a stage plot, please email it to av[at]anthroweekendutah.org and mention your MyAWU username and the name of your act. Clearer stage plots and descriptions will increase your chances of acceptance. An example of what we are looking for is below:
    • Arc, upstage center. Drum kit (Kick, Snare, 2 Rack, 1 Floor), Vocal Mic.
    • Carver, stage right. Bass guitar, Vocal Mic.
    • OwO, stage left. Stereo Keyboards (Band provided), Vocal Mic.
    • Prryce, center stage. Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal Mic.
  • The chances of your application being accepted will be dependent on criteria including, but not limited to:
    • Is your act tight and well-rehearsed?
    • How feasible is your stage setup? Is this an act that can be setup and checked within the 15 minute time frame?
  • Content produced using Generative AI will not be tolerated during the live set or application. This includes but is not limited to audio, stage visuals, band photos, etc.

Equipment Information

  • The size of the stage deck is 12'x24'
  • AWU will have the necessary microphones, direct-inputs, XLR cables, stage monitors, and microphone stands. AWU will not provide 1/4" patch/instrument cables.
  • AWU will work with selected bands to put together a backline roster that will work for all acts. AWU will provide backline that will be used by multiple bands, including but not limited to: drum kits, guitar and bass amplification equipment, stage keyboards, etc. The more willing bands are to share gear, the smoother of an experience the A/V team can provide!
  • Stage monitors will be provided. If traveling with an in-ear monitor rack, please mention this in your application.
  • Audio and Lighting engineers will be provided for your set.