Anthro Weekend Utah is pleased to present our Guests of Honor for 2024:



I'm Cider! A queer freelance artist currently living in Texas! Art and drawing have been a huge part of my life since I was very young and so much of my inspiration comes from art, cartoons and other media revolving around animal characters! I have been a part of the furry fandom for over a decade now and have been a freelance artist for about seven years! In addition to art, I'm also an animation hobbyist and hope to work professionally for a studio one day! My animations include personal projects, parts for multiple animator projects and commissions as well!



Tim Weeks (AKA Savestate) is the artist and author behind the Savestate webcomic, a slice-of-life story following siblings Kade and Nicole as they attempt to co-exist with, or at least not be murdered by, a couple of ghosts. His background in programming, art, and a love of video games has resulted in many furry-related game mods, most notably, The Sims 4 Furry Mod. He is also a hobbyist hacker, which has resulted in many useful and practical devices - such as converting a toy game controller for toddlers to work with a Neo Geo.

Featured Artists


Zaps (she/her) is a full-time freelance artist & product designer based out of St. Louis, Missouri, but you can occasionally catch her working Dealer's Den tables too. Her crew includes two ragdoll kitties and one adorable golden pup, all working hard to ensure top-notch quality (and provide some essential pawsitivity! :)) Lover of plants, queso, & anything soft. Dabbles in ceramics and collects thrown mugs.


Hazel is an animation graduate and epic gamer who loves to draw any weird thing that comes to mind. Hobbies include Pokémon catching, binge-watching, and just seeing her cats do cat things (Pictures available upon request).


Arin Huntsman (also known as soyyemilk!) is an artist based in Idaho, specializing in furry art and freelance work. They own and operate their own little business, whether that’s working with clients one on one for unique furry commissions, or running their etsy shop with all different kinds of merchandise they’ve designed. You may have even seen soyyemilk vending at a few furry cons! Their work can be seen as cute little things such as pins, stickers, prints, and more!

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