What better way to do science than with epic music? We're calling on all DJs to come and bring the dance floor to life, with dances held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

Applications aren't open yet, keep an eye on our social media for updates!

Things to remember when applying:

  • DJs will receive a check for $100.00 upon successful completion of a set; "successful" means there were no AWU policy violations in musical content, DJ conduct, or otherwise, and the whole time slot was spent DJing.
  • A DJ will only receive these perks once for the entire weekend. A maximum of two DJs can participate in one set, and must both actively participate throughout the entire set.
  • The chances of your application being chosen are influenced by your music selection, technical skill, availability, and attitude. For example:
    • Sets which incorporate Top 40s/popular/familiar music will receive additional consideration for selection. AWU is specifically seeking these genres, as our attendees give feedback requesting more Top 40 sets every single year.
    • Music must abide within Anthro Weekend Utah's general 24/7 "PG" convention rating.
    • Is the music you're playing danceable? Will the crowd know what to do?
    • Are your transitions smooth? Are you able to blend and beatmatch multiple songs together seamlessly at musically-sensible times?
    • Do you keep your gain consistent across tracks?
    • Are you a good sport to other DJs, even to the one who accidentally went a little overtime before you, or to the one who may be less skilled than you are?