Got some mad skills and hot dance moves to show off? Just want to experience the thrill of competition in the limelight? Show us what you've got!

Applications are now open until June 21st- Submit yours today on MyAWU!


  • You gotta be in fursuit. This is a fursuit dance competition after all! Partials and full suits are allowed, and all bare skin must be covered. Puffy shoes or costume shoes are allowed.
  • You must submit music for your routine with your application. No submissions will be accepted after the form closure deadline.
  • Music must be at least 1:30 (one minute, thirty seconds) long, and no longer than 2:15 for individuals, 2:45 for duos, and 3:15 for trios or more.
  • Your performance and accompanying music must remain within a PG rating; you'll have attendees of all ages watching!
  • The dance stage consists of a 21'x21' space (as a safety zone) on a 24'x24' raised platform. Please keep this in mind when coming up with your routine- be safe!
  • You can sign up for a maximum of one solo routine and one group routine if you choose.
  • What you perform in the rehearsals must be what you perform in the finals!
  • Music should be at least 256kbps for quality, and pre-cut to how you would like it to be played. If the music goes longer than the time limit, it will be gracefully faded out. We encourage personal cuts and/or remixes. You must submit an actual audio file. No streaming music links (YouTube, Spotify, etc.) will be accepted. If an application is submitted with anything aside from a link to an audio file, it will be rejected until a file is submitted.
  • Have FUN! This competition is to celebrate YOU and your skill! Dance like no one is watching, be your regular furry self out there and support your fellow dancers. Remember, we're all in this together- so don't get discouraged, just do your best!

Judging Criteria

  • Stage Presence/Performance: Use your position to your advantage. Command the audience's attention by your presence, and keep them interested.
  • Musicality: Know your music, stick with the beat, and make sure all your moves line up.
  • Pacing: Keep your moves interesting throughout your performance; piling all your advanced moves at the beginning or end can be detrimental.
  • Flow: Transition your moves neatly from one to the next and connect them with the song as a whole.
  • Variety: Make good use of the time you have, varying the speed and moves you use (levels).
  • Use of Space: Consider y-axis as well as x-axis, which can involve standing, leaping crouching, rolling, gliding and any number of other movements.
  • Technicality: Demonstrate your skill through the complexity of your moves.
  • The judges will use all of these criteria to decide on the winner. In a fursuit dance competition the first place doesn't necessarily go to the most skilled or technical person; the most emphasis is placed on your performance as a whole and how you capture your character on stage.