Have fun and support animal welfare, all with a chance to win awesome prizes! Convention members of all ages are welcome, with no previous skill required. Read on so you can be prepared to let the good times roll.

What's happening?

  • A charity fundraiser night with casino-themed games will be held during Anthro Weekend Utah 2024.
  • Games will include blackjack, craps, roulette, and Texas Hold'em.
  • NO EXPERIENCE is required to play. This charity event is for fun, and dealers will be there to help you learn along the way.
  • Seats are limited, so those interested in participating must sign up via their MyAWU account.
  • At the end of the night, an opportunity drawing is run for a chance to win some prizes. These may include:
    • A PlayStation 5 Gaming Console
    • A Razor Scooter
    • A Gaming GPU
    • iPad & Apple Pencil
    • More to be announced!
  • Unless explicitly stated with the prize at the event, all prizes are eligible to be shipped to your home.
  • Want a head start? AWU is seeking volunteers who are willing to learn to deal casino-style games from AWU-provided professional dealers, or who are already familiar with these games. Dealers will receive a guaranteed playing slot for part of the evening, as well as additional virtual opportunity drawing tickets for the time spent dealing. A great advantage!

What are the rules?

  • AWU is working with a highly-experienced Utah-based casino game night supplier to provide this entertainment while properly navigating Utah laws.
  • Any convention member of any age can participate. No items of any value are exchanged at these gaming tables. The only requirement is that you sign up in advance for a time slot, as there are a limited number of seats.
  • In accordance with Utah law, NO CONSIDERATION IS REQUIRED FOR PLAY. However, all who sign up to participate in this event are very heavily encouraged, nearly expected, to donate to the convention charity (Nuzzles & Co) at the event. The entire purpose of this event is to support them and have fun while doing so. Donations can be made on MyAWU after signing up to play, and a donation table will also be present at the event to handle transactions.
  • If you choose to donate to help support the animals, you will receive a number of “charity points” as a thank-you gift for your generosity. You can turn these charity points into game chips if you wish, which can then be used to participate in casino games. These chips are a thank-you gift only, offered to allow you to participate in a fun casino-themed activity presented by Anthro Weekend Utah. They do not have any monetary value whatsoever and cannot be converted to legal tender.
  • NOTHING OF REAL VALUE IS PERMITTED TO BE WAGERED/PLAYED AT THE GAME TABLES. Doing so is very illegal in the state of Utah. If any event attendee is seen doing this, you will be immediately dismissed and not allowed to play again.
  • The games will be available for play in predetermined time blocks. If you wish to participate in the games, you will first need to sign up from within your MyAWU account under the “Charity” tab. There are a limited number of slots available due to a limited number of playing seats.
  • Once your time block is finished, the next batch of players may begin, and you can then turn your chips back into “charity points” at the “cage” (a table in the room).
  • When all gaming time has been completed, an opportunity drawing is run. The winner of the drawing is NOT directly determined by the results of a gaming table, i.e. the number of chips accrued. Instead, “charity points” become digital opportunity drawing tickets which are then drawn from at the end of the evening.
  • EVERY SINGLE PERSON who signs up for the charity game night will have *A* chance to win a prize, even if they do not play a single game. They must only be signed up for the game night. By default, all signed-up participants receive one charity point which will be put into the opportunity drawing.
  • Once the first virtual opportunity drawing ticket is drawn, that individual may approach the prize table and select a prize. Their tickets are then removed from the drawing entirely. This process will be repeated until no prizes are left.
  • Anthro Weekend Utah reserves the right to change prize specifications up until the time of prize drawing without notice. Any prizes mentioned or prize images displayed in promotional materials are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.
  • By participating in the casino game night, you acknowledge that all games present are for entertainment purposes only and your participation in any games does not constitute a guarantee that you will receive a prize or any other reward other than the enjoyment of playing these games with fellow convention members.